banner image of teacher signing "communicate" in ASL and student signing "sound" in ASL

Do you hear what I hear?

A Hearing Teacher and a Deaf Student Negotiate Sound

 by Jennifer J Buckner & Kirsten Daley

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Closed Capturing (CC)



In many ways, this video is meant to represent the range of inaccessibility we have with sound, our understanding limited by our own bodies' perceptions.


Consider that even while making this video, Kirsten and I wanted to appear united in our resolve, articulating in sync, but differently, about what we've learned while negotiating sound. In doing so, we explored, fumbled, laughed, and signed our way through a highly choreographed video session. Truthfully, this artifact probably best represents our experience negotiating sound in Multimodal Composition, delightful and uncharted.


What we hope is that in the text that follows you will consider our autoethnographic discovery as an invitation to unlearn what you know about sound, to abandon ideas about soundwriting that originate in hearing-speaking bodies, and to rediscover sound in a novel way.

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Kirsten Daley

is an undergraduate Psychology and English major at Gardner-Webb University. Canadian born, she enjoys writing fiction and spending time with her family of twelve.

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Jennifer J Buckner

is an associate professor of English at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC where she teaches courses in writing studies and new media for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Our History

We first met in a freshman composition course (Fall 2013) and had the privilege of working together three semesters later (Spring 2015) in Multimodal Composition, an upper-level course for English majors.